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Gluten (Allergen) Test in Food

Gluten (Allergen) Test in Food

In the prepared food industry, label information is very important. Label accuracy, especially in foods that may contain allergens, directly affects consumer health. Gluten-containing foods for gluten intolerance or celiac disease need to be understood by labeling. The food industry is subject to certain conditions in terms of relevant regulations and legal requirements on allergens.

Today, gluten-free ready meals are produced specifically for celiac patients. Gluten analysis is performed for label information and allergen warnings in foods. In addition, the claim can be supported by tests and analyzes for foods that are put on the market with "Gluten Free" claims.

According to the FDA, even if some foods contain gluten, they can be partially broken down. These foods are as follows:
- Soy sauce (hydrolyzed wheat protein)
- Malt vinegar (barley malt)
- Malt and malt ingredients (barley malt)
- Fermentation containing gluten source products containing microbes (bacteria, yeast) developed in the growth medium
- Enzyme containing products (harvested from microbes grown on a fermentation growth medium containing a gluten source)
- Beer (barley malt)

05 Eylül 2023