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Protein Determination in Foods

Protein Determination in Foods

Along with proteins, carbohydrates and lipids, they are nutrients that provide energy in the diet and play an important role in the growth and protection of the human body. It is also involved in enzymatic activity in the body and transport of nutrients and other biochemical compounds across cellular membranes.

Determining the amount of protein in foods, which have important roles in human nutrition, is important and should be determined by reliable methods and laboratories. Protein determination is carried out to determine the amount of protein specified in the nutritional tables of foods.

It can be determined by Direct Protein Determination and Indirect Protein Determination.
Direct Protein Determination is performed by analysis of total amino acids, while
Indirect Protein Determination; Kjeldahl Method, Modified Lowry Method, Bradford Method

Protein Determination in Foods is carried out using various methods mentioned above.

05 Eylül 2023